Elementi Consulting

Elementi Consulting is a strategic consulting firm that helps companies in the luxury, new media and technology sectors grow their international business.

As the world has become more integrated, it has become imperative for businesses to look to international markets to increase sales, to solidify competitive positions or to diversify risk.  If your company would like to seize business opportunities overseas, we can provide the expertise necessary to help you develop–and execute–winning growth strategies.

Elementi Consulting can help you if:
  • Your company is looking to expand internationally or would like to optimize the effectiveness of its current international business operations
  • Your company seeks to build an effective international marketing, social and digital strategy to augment its existing business development activities
  • Your company needs market-specific insight or intelligence in order to make informed decisions, including competitive, market and/or risk analyses
  • Your company needs to identify and deploy appropriate resources, people and strategy in a specific market or region

With deep experience in many international markets, we can help your firm identify and best capitalize on these opportunities.